This Is Your Life & Six Ways to Look at It

I came across this article yesterday and I loved it, so I had to share it. Mindfulness is something I became familiar with after my diagnosis over a year and a half ago. It is a practice that I continuously work at incorporating into my life. It’s one of those things that I always feel better when I do, but it’s easy to put off. Sort of like exercising.

The writer of this article interviewed the founders of Holstee, a company that designs unique products with a focus on mindful living. The company is most known for its’ Holstee Manifesto, which you may have heard of, and which I believe are words to live by. Here are the six tips the founders suggested for practicing mindfulness to reframe your perspective on life.

1. Presence

When in conversation, give someone your fullest attention. Put the computer away, turn your phone on silent, and get lost in the moment with that person. Be fully interested, rather than interesting.

2. Architect Your Life

Be considerate and intentional with your life decisions. Rather than let life happen to you, author the story of your life. Author and philosopher Howard Thurman says it best with, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

3. Taking time for yourself creates clarity and renewed energy. At Holstee, they strongly suggest all teammates take their birthday day off each month.

4. Ask “Why?”

Why am I doing this? Why are we creating this product? Why is this a design principle? Asking “why” encourages you to go deeper and become more aware of what’s driving you, and whether or not you want it to be driving you.

5. Know Your Food and Appreciate Meals

What are you eating and where did it come from? As a society, over the last 50 years, we’ve created a knowledge and geographic gap as we’ve distanced ourselves from our food. To stay aware, the team at Holstee cooks in the office almost every day, and meal times are savored without work.

6. Understand the impact of what you buy

Transparency is slowly being built into the operations of many forward-thinking companies. This movement is a direct result of the increasing number of people asking questions about the clothes they buy, where their electronics come from, and brands they choose to support. Before buying, understand the impact.

You can read the full article on Fast Company by writer Amber Rae, here.



Safety Harbor Resort & Spa at Tampa Bay

This week, I am visiting my family in Tampa, Florida. It was a spontaneous, last-minute decision (unlike me), but I’m so glad I decided to come. My sister is an expert at convincing people to do these things! But I also want to take advantage of my time off to see family that I don’t often have a chance to see during the usual work-life grind. I am visiting my cousins and their four beautiful boys (photos to come). The girls booked a spa day as a treat. What mom of four boys doesn’t need a spa day, anyway?!

We visited the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa at Tampa Bay. I learned a little bit of history while I was there too, which I love. Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto reached the shores of what is now Tampa Bay, landing near mineral springs that were used by natives for nearly 10,000 years. He believed he had found the Fountain of Youth, and named the waters “Espiritu Santo Springs”–Springs of the Holy Spirit. The springs were said to cure certain ailments, drawing thousands of visitors to the city every year. The spa is now located there. I loved this story of healing, whether it is factual or theoretical. You can read the full story below.

We tried to do as much as we could before it was time to pick up the kids from school in the afternoon. I managed to make it to a Pilates class. It was my first time trying Pilates, and I really liked it. (Although I’m a yoga lover.) I’d like to try another class again. After Pilates, I had a twenty five minute, back and shoulder massage, followed by a facial. The massage was great, since I carry a lot of my stress in my neck and shoulders. I enjoyed the facial too. I had a pro peel, which contains four different acids that provides a deep exfoliation for your skin. I mentioned in a previous post, that my skin has been extremely irritated lately, most likely from the stress of my transition in moving back home. I told the esthetician that I needed all the help I could get! Overall, we thought the service was average, but we enjoyed the day together anyway.

Espiritu Santo Springs

safety harbor entrance


After our spa treatment, we had lunch at the resort. I ordered clam chowder to start and surf and turf for my entre. It was yummy. We finished off our meals with cappuccinos, which were delicious! After we picked up the troops, we headed home. I wanted to continue the day of relaxation, so I topped it off with poolside yoga and meditation. It’s been a very long time since I meditated, and it felt wonderful. I really hope to incorporate more meditation throughout my day. I’m grateful for the day, and I hope to visit more health and wellness spas.

Surf n Turf: Petite filet mignon and Gulf shrimp with rice pilaf and sauteed vegetables

Petite filet Mignon and Gulf shrimp with rice pilaf and sauteed vegetables

safety harbor cappuccino