Destin..My Favorite Place To Be

This weekend, I am visiting one of my favorite places–Destin, Florida. I’m so excited because it’s been years since I’ve been to Destin, and I’m here with my siblings. I love it because it’s quiet and the beach is clear, and warm. So lovely!

The weather has been beautiful. Yesterday, it was sunny, with a cool breeze. The forecast predicted rain, but we were so thankful that it turned out to be a gorgeous day.


This morning, I went for a jog with my sister and brother along the scenic route. It was a great way to start the day. I never used to like exercising while I was on vacation, but now I make it a part of my day, and I enjoy it.


We made a late breakfast at home, and hit the beach in the afternoon. After we soaked up the sun for a few hours, we lay by the pool for a little while.

Yesterday, we rode a pontoon for the first time, and it was tons of fun! My brother navigated for most of the time while the girls lounged around. We took it out in the early afternoon until the evening, and packed our lunch and snacks with us for the day. I even drove it myself for a while, but it wasn’t long before my sister pointed out that I was going in circles, so I gave the wheel back to my brother. They say I’m not the most skilled driver, but I beg to differ 🙂



Yesterday evening, my sister Nina and my sister-in-law Areej cooked dinner for us. They made baked chicken breasts with onions and potatoes, quinoa, and avocado and tomato salad. It was yummy and healthy! Today is our last day before we head back to New Orleans tomorrow. I hope you’re having a great a Labor Day holiday, wherever you are!





Fitness in Paradise

Last week I traveled to the Bahamas with my parents. It wasn’t exactly stress-free (love you mom & dad!), but I managed to stick to my workout routine, which I was excited about. We stayed at the Atlantis Resort, which had a fabulous fitness center, although there was a $15 fee to use the facility. I thought it should be included in all of the other resort utility fees, but I gave it a try anyway. The center offered pilates, yoga classes and individual health consultations (of course for an additional fee).

Bahamas gym door

Bahamas Pool

Bahamas gym cardio:window

Bahamas gym eliptical

 It had lots of cardio options, and weight training equipment. They also offered fresh towels, fruits, juices and headphones for guests. It’s all in the details!

Bahamas gym towels

Bahamas chilled towelsI love chilled towels after a workout.

Bahamas resort view

The best part about exercising while you’re at the beach is, after you work up a good sweat, you can go dip in the ocean to cool off. You can’t beat that!

Nike Training Club App…Love!

I’m visiting my sister in Philadelphia, and even though it’s April, it’s still so cold here! Brrrr! I tried to go out for a walk yesterday afternoon, but it was 40 degrees and the wind made it feel like thirty. I ran back inside! But I really wanted to workout, so I was trying to think of an alternative (since I don’t have a gym membership here) and then I remembered the Nike Training Club App!

NTC workout

Thankfully, my sister had a yoga mat and a couple of dumb bell weights, and enough space for me to do a workout at home. I am really loving the Nike Training Club App! It’s like having your own digital, personal trainer. It features workouts from professional athletes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The first workout I tried was a beginner workout. They have four different workout categories: Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong, and Get Focused. It was forty-five minutes long and it consisted of 14 different exercises, with each one varying between thirty seconds to two minutes. They provide a video that demonstrates all of the steps, which I love, because I often don’t know how to do the exercises the proper way. They even have a voice that guides you through the exercises. You can set your own music to the workout! The best part is, the app is free! I can’t wait to try the next workout!