Charmed by the Côte d’Azur

There is something about traveling that is healing. It’s good for the soul. It may be the spectacular views of the sea, or the hilltops splashed with sunlight. It may be the thrill of exploring a place that is completely new to all your senses. Perhaps it’s a mixture of these things, but I think most people who have a passion for traveling would agree. I find it both fascinating and humbling to have witnessed the sights of the south of France this past week. It was truly marvelous.

We spent three days each in Nice and Cannes. Nice was quite charming to me. Despite that I’d heard it is very touristy, I thought it was authentic and inviting. The locals were kind and friendly.We spent much of our time there on the beach, which I can never get enough of. We also traveled to Eze village, a small town about 30 minutes outside of Nice. It is filled with tiny artisan shops and cozy restaurants built into narrow, winding streets. We took a bus from Nice to Eze and the scenery was beautiful. Eze village sits high in the hills, which makes for gorgeous views. I enjoy visiting smaller towns because of the intimacy they offer.

On Sunday afternoon we arrived in Cannes. I couldn’t sleep the previous night, so I suffered through the next day. Even our host mom at our bed & breakfast noticed how different I was! I recently read that sleep deficiency causes inflammation in the body of an average, healthy person. When you don’t get at least 6 hours or more of undisrupted sleep, your body produces C reactive protein (CRP).

My body is already on inflammation over drive, so when I don’t sleep, my health immediately takes a hit. In other words, I become another person! And I don’t like her! However, I managed to get through the day of hauling my suitcase up and down stairs, on and off trains, and in and around hotels. I was so relieved when we finally made it to our hotel in Cannes. We took the train to Cannes which was a quick & smooth 30 minute ride. So easy!

I was looking forward to visiting the famed site of of the Cannes film festival, the Palais des Festivals Et des Congres. Although I’d also heard that Cannes is more enjoyable to visit, I adored Nice. Cannes is very flashy and full of high-end, designer shops on the Croisette, the main street on the beach promenade. And although that’s fun to revel in (and fantasize), I much rather quaint shops with character and old world charm. However, this is not to take away from the fabulous city of Cannes, its beautiful shores and sparkling glamour.

It does boast plenty of culture and art. We visited La Malmaison museum whose current exhibition is a collection of nude artwork by Picasso. I loved it! There were tons of museums to visit. You’d need a week just to see the museums alone.

One of my favorite experiences while in Cannes was drinking a cafe au lait on Rue de St. Antoine. I have almost completely eliminated coffee from my diet, because it doesn’t work well with my medicine, but I saved my last night to indulge. Mmmm! What a privilege it was to have a cafe au lait in a tiny, corner cafe on a street in the south of France. Blessed!

On our last day in France, we visited the town of Antibes. This was my favorite part. It was a small town filled with local artisan shops, restaurants and patisseries. The beach was smaller, but it was lovely. The shore is surrounded by a fortress, and it gives the beach an exclusivity that is I wish we had more time to spend there. I would love to go back again!

I was sad to leave France. It didn’t take long to feel both welcomed and acquainted there. Yet, it felt like a dream too. When I look at my pictures, it seems surreal. I hope to return again someday, and take my mom and dad there. I know they would truly marvel in appreciate the wonder that is the Cote d’Azur.






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