My Summer Travels

Tonight I am taking off on a trip to Europe. I am writing from New York’s JFK airport waiting for my flight to depart. I am very nervous about traveling because of my health. Last year I traveled to Greece and Turkey with my sisters, and I got very sick when I returned. I nearly ended up in the hospital, again. I begged my doctor not to admit me, and bargained a deal with him. I know my limits!

This year, I will be traveling with my friend Sophia, to the south of France. We plan to visit Nice, Cannes, and smaller towns on the coast. Then, we will travel to London for five days. From there, I will fly to Frankfurt to visit my family and friends throughout Germany.

Although I love traveling, I do not enjoy it the way I used to because of my health, and this makes me sad. My family and friends keep asking me if I am excited about my trip, and although I really want to be, I am mostly anxious and afraid I will get sick. I think people perceive me as being negative in this way, but I’m not. I’m just afraid because of my past experiences with my illness. But I will do the best I can to think positive. I know what a blessing it is to be able to travel abroad, and I have worked hard to save my money for this trip. I pray that I will be healthy and strong enough to enjoy it.

I am really looking forward to visiting Germany. I learned a lot about it through my job at CNN and I was fascinated by it. Earlier this year, I applied for a journalism fellowship in Germany, but I was not chosen for it. I was so disappointed, but I decided I would still see it for myself. My sister Ivan always says, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

This is my way.

I’ll be posting about my travels while I’m there…and hopefully healthy!


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