Juice, Juice

I started juicing with the NutriBullet when I moved home to New Orleans, but now I’m trying to do it more consistently. I recently went to Whole Foods and gathered some ingredients for different juices. I’m excited to try them! I can’t say that I felt the difference after I started juicing, but perhaps it’s because I wasn’t doing it consistently. My goal is to juice five times a week this month. I’ll have to keep track and see if I notice a difference in how I feel. I’ve heard juicing boosts your energy, (along with a ton of other health benefits) and I could definitely use a little help!



4 thoughts on “Juice, Juice

  1. Hey how do you like using your nutribullet for juicing?? I am thinking of getting one, but I wanted to hear if people thought it was worth the price!

    • Hi Rebekah! I love it! I was considering the VitaMix too, but it is a bit expensive, so I thought I’d try the NutriBullet first and go from there. It comes with juicing recipes too that you can follow, which I find helpful. It includes a small and large container to blend the juices in, and it blends well. Some of the ingredients I’ve used are: pineapples, walnuts, kale, apples, blueberries. I bought mine at Target, but shortly after, I saw it at JCPennney on sale for $79. Do you have a specific question about it? I hope this helps!

      • Awesome! This is so helpful – thank you! That pretty much answers my questions for now but I may have more once I start trying it out. 🙂

        Thanks for the heads up with JC Penny. I just looked and online they’re selling them for $100.. Maybe they’ll have a better deal in stores? If not, great to know its possible to get them for that low of a price.

      • Happy to help! Let me know if you decide to get it, and if you like it. Yes, I saw it in the store at JCPenney. There may have been a sale at the time. Also, they sell it at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and they usually send 20% coupons in the mail. Maybe you can try that?

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