Fitness in Paradise

Last week I traveled to the Bahamas with my parents. It wasn’t exactly stress-free (love you mom & dad!), but I managed to stick to my workout routine, which I was excited about. We stayed at the Atlantis Resort, which had a fabulous fitness center, although there was a $15 fee to use the facility. I thought it should be included in all of the other resort utility fees, but I gave it a try anyway. The center offered pilates, yoga classes and individual health consultations (of course for an additional fee).

Bahamas gym door

Bahamas Pool

Bahamas gym cardio:window

Bahamas gym eliptical

 It had lots of cardio options, and weight training equipment. They also offered fresh towels, fruits, juices and headphones for guests. It’s all in the details!

Bahamas gym towels

Bahamas chilled towelsI love chilled towels after a workout.

Bahamas resort view

The best part about exercising while you’re at the beach is, after you work up a good sweat, you can go dip in the ocean to cool off. You can’t beat that!


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