Four Seasons Fun

Last week, I traveled with my sister to Washington DC for the last road trip of the season. I had the pleasure of staying with her at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown.


I couldn’t stay and not check out their fitness center. What a treat! If every gym was like this, I would want to work out every day. I took some pictures, but this is just a glance, and doesn’t include the entire facility.

four seasons sign

The cardio machines were smooth and powerful. I did twenty-five minutes on the treadmill and elliptical (combined).

four seasons bikes

four seasons treadmill

four seasons elyptical

There were chilled towels to cool down with. Fancy!

four seasons refreshments

four seasons coffeeAnd there was an assortment of espresso and tea, alongside a fruit basket. They even had fresh squeezed orange juice! Too good!

four seasons water

Exercising was never more luxurious!


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