Nike Training Club App…Love!

I’m visiting my sister in Philadelphia, and even though it’s April, it’s still so cold here! Brrrr! I tried to go out for a walk yesterday afternoon, but it was 40 degrees and the wind made it feel like thirty. I ran back inside! But I really wanted to workout, so I was trying to think of an alternative (since I don’t have a gym membership here) and then I remembered the Nike Training Club App!

NTC workout

Thankfully, my sister had a yoga mat and a couple of dumb bell weights, and enough space for me to do a workout at home. I am really loving the Nike Training Club App! It’s like having your own digital, personal trainer. It features workouts from professional athletes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The first workout I tried was a beginner workout. They have four different workout categories: Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong, and Get Focused. It was forty-five minutes long and it consisted of 14 different exercises, with each one varying between thirty seconds to two minutes. They provide a video that demonstrates all of the steps, which I love, because I often don’t know how to do the exercises the proper way. They even have a voice that guides you through the exercises. You can set your own music to the workout! The best part is, the app is free! I can’t wait to try the next workout!


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