Clearwater Beach–A Great Getaway

After we visited family, we took off for Clearwater Beach, which is about forty-five minutes away from Tampa. It was rated one of the top beaches in the country, so being the beach-lovers that we are, we had to go see for ourselves. It was a bit cold, and the locals told us that it was unusually cool for this time of year. I didn’t dare get into the water, but I enjoyed soaking up the sun and taking in the view. Even though I was fighting an awful cold, I tried my best to enjoy the time as much as I could.

My sister and I love to explore local restaurants and shops when we travel, so we enjoyed the cozy, charming feel of the town. We stayed at two hotels, Barefoot Bay Resort and the Charthouse Suites on Clearwater Bay. They were both small, independent hotels, which was really neat.


Clearwater 2

Boat Dock

The view outside our window at Charthouse Suites.

boatdock 2

The locals in Clearwater were very friendly, and we met and talked to people from all over the country, including Maryland, New York, and Michigan, who moved there to flee the cold winters. We ate at a few local favorites and had excellent seafood! We asked around for suggestions, and two places called Frenchie’s and Cooters came highly recommended. Both places had something good to offer. Frenchie’s had a smoked, crab dip that I could not stop eating! I nearly cleared the plate out!


fried shrimp

Fried shrimp & coleslaw

grilled grouper

Grilled grouper sandwich

At Cooters, I had fresh snow crab legs, which I can never get enough of. My sister watched in awe as I indulged in leg after leg!

crab legs

Our last two days at Clearwater Beach weren’t sunny, which was a disappointment. I was craving sunshine, and I needed plenty of Vitamin D. On our last day, we found a coffee shop in town and cozied up before we took off. My sister and I parted ways at the airport. I went back to warm weather in New Orleans, but she went back to snow in New York City! (Reality check, please!) Overall, it was a good trip and I was thankful for the chance to get away and clear my mind.


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