Family Time in Tampa

I had a wonderful time during the rest of my visit to Tampa. My cousin Sarah and her husband Zack have a beautiful home with an amazing backyard. It was like being at our own private resort. They grilled ribs and roasted corn on the cob for us on their Big Green Egg grill. It was delicious! The weather was cool at night, and we soaked in the jacuzzi, which was a perfect combination. Sarah made us all low-fat mojitos with fresh mint. Mmm! We didn’t want to leave!

Zack is a doctor and I had a chance to ask him about some of his most memorable experiences. That was really neat since I’m interested in all-things-health lately. I got to spend a lot of time with the kids too which was nonstop fun.

Years ago, Zack planted an olive tree tree with the boys, and if you look closely, you can see a small Palestinian flag wrapped around the trunk. I love this idea! The olive tree is symbolic of Palestine, and I adore the fact that he had each of the boys take a part in planting its’ roots. We left from Tampa to Clearwater Beach, which I will post next!

backyard pool

olive tree

Me & Omar

Me (reliving my childhood memories of power wheels), and Omar going for a drive.


Leo the playful, golden poodle


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