Knowing the effects of stress on your health

We all know that stress is no good for our health. But do we really understand the long-lasting impact it can have on us? As is the case with most chronic illnesses, stress is a huge factor. Since I was diagnosed with FMF, I have become fascinated in learning about the ways stress affects our overall health, and how to manage it. Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. It exists in almost everything we do–work, family, social life, even vacations. In my case, stress can trigger vicious episodes of pain. When I am in a stressful situation, I immediately feel the effects on my body. I had many moments at CNN during breaking news, where the pressure was on and the stress was high. Phones ringing off the hook, people yelling, tempers flaring, and the scramble for information. We all have our own “breaking news” moments. It’s so important to do everything we can to fight stress. This article, published today on HuffingtonPost Healthy Living, features new studies that show the different effects that stress has on the body.

Stress Health Effects: 10 Scary Things It’s Doing to Your Body

Effects of stress on the body.


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