Today was a low-energy day for me. Sometimes I wake up, and I feel great. Other days I feel very tired and I have low energy. My doctor thinks it’s related to the inflammation levels in my body. I can recall feeling this way for years, and always wondering what the reason was. I’m trying to learn what triggers the inflammation and if there are any other factors that affect my energy levels day in and day out. For now, I enjoy the good days and do my best to get through the bad days.

Anyhow, my mom and dad bought a Nutribullet and I’m super excited! My mom is convinced that she can heal me “naturally”. (She’s conspiring to get to me off of my medicine.) If you ask her, there’s nothing that a mom’s love & cooking won’t cure. Her and my dad and I were watching TV one night last week and they saw an infomercial for the Nutribullet. As soon as the salesmen mentioned juicing and its ability to help fight illnesses, they were sold! They got all excited and starting shouting about how they needed to get one. It was hilarious. So, of course the next day we ventured out to find one, and here it is.. My dad made me a fruit juice today, and I must say, it was yummy. I’ll have to keep track and see if it helps the way I feel.




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