Sew Me Something

When I made the decision to leave CNN, I promised myself that I would use this time to try things that I always wanted to do. Today, I joined a sewing class. When the teacher asked me how I become interested in sewing, I gave her an honest answer. I woke up one day and thought to myself, I want to learn how to sew. After I was initially diagnosed, I had a desire to try a lot of new things. (Like going blonde!) I have a list of things I want to do this year, and yes, sewing is one of them.

I love the class so far. My teacher, Ms. Paula, is an adorable woman who has been teaching sewing for 43 years. She has a deep, southern accent, and when I asked her what she thought of my pattern, she said, “Well, darling that’s just fabulous!” And she meant it too. She’s kind, and patient and has a wicked sense of humor. She reminded me of how inspiring it feels to learn from a great teacher.

There are three other women in the class. A middle-aged woman who was sewing an quilt, an older woman that was sewing Saints pajamas for her grandson, and a younger woman in her early 20’s who is an aspiring designer. I enjoy the diversity of the class. I don’t know the first thing about sewing, and they didn’t make me feel awkward about it. I love that. It felt great to learn something new and fun, without pressure or expectations. I can’t wait for the next class!


My new sewing supplies.


Can you figure out what my first pattern is?


…an apron!


One of Ms. Paula’s many sewing machines.


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