Upgrade Me

Upgrade me, please.

I’ve decided that in order to make this arrangement (me, at 25, living at home with my parents), I’m going to have to make a few changes. After almost having an anxiety attack today due to the painfully slow Internet speed at my parents’ house, I decided to call AT&T and find out what the problem was. Well, it turns out the problem is that my parents have the slowest possible Internet service available. 750KB! The representative on the phone made that clear when he laughed and pointed out to me that it’s “not even gigabytes”. Thanks buddy, I don’t need your commentary. Just fix it already, before I lose it and end up like one of those people in your commercials! Three hours later, we finally got it squared away and the Internet speed was upgraded to 3GB. Thank God! Now, I can do my basic Google searches in peace.  Forget about downloading anything.


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